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Strengths Based:

As a whole, humans are amazingly and unequivocally resilient.  That being said, I try to focus on a your individual strengths.  Everyone has them.  However, you may not be able to identify them, access them or feel that you ever had them.  Helping identify and acknowledge past successes, and how you overcame past adversity and crisis, can empower you to move through the current pain.


They - YOUR STRENGTHS - are inside of you.  It is up to you to relocate them, reenergize them, and refocus them so that you can utilize them again.  I can support you in this Journey.


Unconditional Positive Regard - a fancy way to say that I believe in you and your ability to effect change in your life.  I view you as a capable and strong individual though possibly misguided, stuck or feeling all together lost.  I don't judge your actions but help and encourage you to take responsibility for your future. 

Behavior Modification:

Most everyone has heard about CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This is the most common type of mental health counseling.  It is a concrete and structured way of changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors.  Utilizing CBT tools repeatedly can change the maladaptive into the functional.  I enjoy using tools to bridge the gap between sessions or to amplify the positive. 

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