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KAP - Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways for my clients to become healthier and stronger. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is another tool that has been found to be extremally effective for medication resistant depression, PTSD, and even addiction. It works differently than SSRIs that must build up over time to be effective. Ketamine almost immediately alters the neurotransmitter activity in your brain, providing a state of rapid relief that many patients report.


Ketamine isn’t new to the medical field. It was introduced commercially in 1970 with the manufacturer’s description as a “rapidly acting, nonbarbiturate general anesthetic.” Ketamine has been used as a safe and effective alternative to many surgical anesthetics.


Approximately one-third of people don’t find relief from antidepressants and other first-line forms of treatment. That’s where Ketamine comes in!  In the 21st century, Ketamine is a well-researched treatment many mental health providers turn to because of its rapid antidepressant properties. Ketamine is a breakthrough treatment that’s been able to fill some of the gaps in mental health.

Currently, Ketamine is the only legal psychedelic we can use in a clinical setting.


KAP can help shift the mind calmly with low doses in a monitored setting. The shift in mindset can foster change and healing to take place. During a psychotherapy session, patients can experience a shift in consciousness and an expanded state of awareness. This may translate to improved enjoyment of life, a renewed sense of connections in relationships, and overall positive mood elevation. Ultimately, KAP offers a real-time reflection on this experience to enhance growth and change.

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